The Alternative Solution

Alternative investments offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios outside of traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. These “alternatives” can provide lower correlations to traditional asset classes, the opportunity for outsized returns, and recession resiliency with the goal to hedge risk during economic downturns and preserve capital in the long run.

Securely Accessing Alternative Investments

Diversification is imperative when investing in alternatives and LotusGroup Capital utilizes a core and single strategy approach. This dynamic approach allows investors to achieve diversification within a single product and then adds additional exposures depending on investment preferences. 


Diversified offerings with access to a unique portfolio of professionally sourced alternative investments, all with a single subscription and one tax document.


Professionally sourced third-party managers with exclusive capacity and terms. These funds can be added as “satellite” positions around an investors core holdings.

White Label

Customized white labeled funds allow firms to build their own product with professional management by LotusGroup.

The Lotus Group Edge


Our solution gives investors access to a unique universe of differentiated alternative investment deal flow. Our deal flow is sourced from our curated network of Family Offices, RIAs, Institutions, and Broker-dealers.


We offer turnkey products that take the operational burden out of alternative investments. Our investors enjoy streamlined access to alternatives through a single sub doc, simplified reporting, and a consolidated K-1.


Our platform was first built as a solution for our advisory practice. Furthermore, our clients and employees invest alongside our limited partners. This maximizes alignment for all stakeholders in our products.

Portfolio Management

A critical factor of investing in alternative investments is ongoing portfolio management. Our solution allows investors to outsource the ongoing management of their bespoke alternative investment portfolio.

Our Portfolio

The LotusGroup Capital team has underwritten several differentiated investment strategies. We strive to uncover strategies that are often unique, niche, and inefficient.

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