The team includes veterans from management, finance, capital formation, portfolio management, supply-chain, underwriting, negotiations, actuarial science, data management, compliance, and systems engingeering. .

Together, we strive to deliver consistent & predictable returns for our growing investment partners.

Core Values: (1) Be a Pro, (2) Care for Others, (3) Commit to the Mission

Raphael Martorello
Managing Partner, CIO

“Raph” brings over 20 years of investment experience to his role as Managing Partner and CIO.  Raph is responsible for LLF’s overall strategy and operations, including hiring, management and development of staff. He has direct reports on LLF in asset management (acquisitions and trades), portfolio management, and 3rd party business relationship management.  Raph is Founder of LotusGroup, two SEC-registered RIAs with combined AUM in excess of $350MM, 700+ private placements and three in-house private funds.  LotusGroup has a multi-decade regulatory track record and 8 years of institutional life settlements experience.  Mr. Martorello earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Economics from the University of Virginia

Ned Rule
Managing Director

Ned brings over 25 years of investment industry experience to his role as Managing Director at LotusGroup Capital and currently in his fifth year at the firm. Ned is responsible for capital formation and ongoing relationship management. Ned also manages our IR team and investor communications. Prior to joining LotusGroup in 2018, Ned previously served in senior roles at First Eagle Investment Management, Lehman Brothers, Neuberger Berman, and John A. Levin and Company. He earned his BA from DePauw University and an MBA from Butler University.

Louis Frank, CAIA
Partner, Diversified Fund Manager

Louis is responsible for managing LotusGroup’s alternative asset platform. Responsibilities include overseeing the strategic direction of the platform, research on new strategies, oversight of the firms 700+ private placements, and managing the firm’s three diversified fund offerings. Prior to joining LotusGroup, Louis worked at Fortis Asset Management and holds BS in Finance from the University of Arkansas. Louis is also a CAIA®  charter holder.

Erick Mortenson
Life Settlements Portfolio Manager, Actuary

Erick brings over 20 years of experience pricing insurance, building stochastic financial models and utilizing predictive analytics on insurance datasets. Erick oversees all data elements associated with LLF’s ongoing portfolio management, including monthly premium payments, validation and reserves analysis, portfolio projections, investment realizations, and ad-hoc portfolio and industry analyses. Mr. Mortenson is an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society, is a Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics and holds a BS in Mathematics with a Minor in Statistics from the University of North Dakota.

Nicholas Rubio
Life Settlements Asset Manager, Trading

“Nick” brings 17 years of experience in the life settlements industry to his role in sourcing, bidding, negotiations, and closing on newly purchased policies. Nick also manages the disposition of LLF portfolio assets that the team deems appropriate for sale. Nick has underwritten and serviced over 8,000 life settlements, including the recruiting, training, and management of a global team of 15 professionals at a prior life settlements firm.

Leeann Nicholls
Life Settlements Underwriting Manager

Leeann brings nearly 5 years of underwriting experience to her role as Underwriting Manager. Responsibilities include filtering all inbound deal flow, segmenting & assigning cases to her underwriting team, and delivering high-quality case underwriting for LLF.  Her team is also responsible for annual policy reviews and premium optimizations.  Leeann graduated from West Chester University with a B.S. concentrated in Actuarial Science and is currently progressing through the Society of Actuaries exams.

Carlos Cadena
Life Settlements Senior Analyst

Carlos brings over 17 years of experience in the life settlements industry to his role in policy underwriting and portfolio management support. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm with his premium optimization and shadow account analysis skillsets. Carlos is in his fourth year with LotusGroup Capital and previously managed premium optimizations for a $2.2B Net Death Benefit (NDB) portfolio and separately a $1.4B NDB portfolio. Carlos has also serviced a $617MM NDB portfolio7

Ashley Colburn
Investor Relations Manager

Ashley provides administrative support to our growing LP investor base. With over ten years of business experience, including a 3-year stint running her own company, Ashley brings an elevated level of organization and joy to the firm’s investor-facing processes. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Metropolitan College of Denver.

Amanda Cohen
Chief Compliance Officer

Amanda brings 15 years of management experience to her role as CCO. Amanda is responsible for LGC’s compliance program, including investor suitability, management of annual regulatory requirements, and interaction with LGC’s legal counsel. She is in her sixth year with LotusGroup and previously held management roles in several service industries and within government. Ms. Cohen earned her BA from the University of Northern Colorado and her Masters in Organization Leadership from Regis University.

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